Dyno Services

Dyno Services

Here at Altech Performance, we pride ourselves in providing the best tuning services available. Whether you have a factory, piggy back or standalone ECU, you can be rest assured that your car will be tuned by one of the most experienced tuners in the industry on our Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. With over twenty years of experience in tuning electronic fuel injection systems, you can count on us to properly orchestrate your setup for maximum efficiency. Our three main goals to a proper tune is: RELIABILITY, DRIVABILITY, and POWER PRODUCTION.


Tuning Rates and Dyno Rental

Thinking of having Altech tune your car? You can count on us to tune your car to safely perform at its best. We also offer dyno rental services. As we’ve mentioned earlier, we use the industry standard Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. For more information and pricing, please contact us at 416-539-0240.